Are Environmental Pollutants and Free Radicals Making You Sick?

1. Do you experience headaches or other pain for no obvious reason?
2. Are you sometimes nervous, sad, or forgetful for no obvious reason?
3. Have you had dental work done?
4. Do you or did you have any implants: screws, pacemakers, etc.?
5. Do you eat a lot of fish and/or seafood?
6. Do you or have you ever smoked? Are you or have you been exposed to cigarette smoke?
7. Is yoru skin sensitive to cosmetics or jewelry?
8. Have you ever lived close to factories, industrial plants, highways, agricultural fields, airports, crematories, or dental offices?
9. Have you ever used an intra-uterine device? (IUD)?
10. Have you ever experienced a breast biopsy? (Metal biopsy markers are often used).
11. Have you ever had a negative response to a vaccine?
If you answered YES to any of the questions above, a Metal Sensitivity Test may be in order.
For further information on Heavy Metals, please see below.


The accumulation of metals, or Metal Toxicity and Radiation poisoning can cause an array of symptoms. Depending on which metal and how much radiation, the symptoms vary widely.

While high levels of metals are known to be toxic to humans, even low levels can be harmful to patients with hypersensitivities. One person having the same levels in their body as another does not mean they are feeling as sick as the other with the same levels. We also have other underlying sicknesses and disease conditions that make one more vulnerable to symptoms than the other.

People are exposed to metals on a daily basis. THIS IS CUMULATIVE. It can build up slowly or you can get dosed all at once. Constant exposure to these metals can lead to an ongoing IMUNE RESPONSE and chronic inflammation in patients with hypersensitivities.

Poisons do their damage at the cellular level by interfering with normal physiological processes. The structure of the cell is directly related to how it works or doesn’t work. Each cell has a double layer that surrounds it—it is kind of like a fence! This fence is made of about 50% fat and 50% protein. This proportion is to help it communicate AND to help protect itself.

So here is where the problems lie: Metals and most other toxins are fat soluble and they can end up in the cell wall. They are dissolved into the fat of the cell! As each cell gets more and more of these toxins in its wall, the function of the cell is changed more and more. Toxins entering the body in water, food, air or through the skin gradually build up slowly interfering with the function and causing illness.

Symptoms Connected to Heavy Metal Overload:

  • Nerves in the body affected: A tingling, burning or numb sensation is the arms and legs
  • Pain that persists in your muscles, joints or connective tissues
  • Persistent infections such as fungal and viral
  • Food allergies
  • Depression, anxiety or other mood disorders
  • Gut and other intestinal problems, such as acid reflux, bloating, constipation, and other digestive disorders


This poison is most linked to dental fillings. Those with the most fillings, of course, can experience the widest range of symptoms. There are, however, different types of mercury: Methyl mercury, Ethyl mercury, Inorganic Mercury and Phenyl mercury. The dental amalgams come under the heading of Inorganic. Fish, shellfish and other seafood, fungicides, skin and other cosmetic creams and vaccines are just a few that contain mercury.

Symptoms can range from: headaches, metallic taste in the mouth, gum disease, adrenal and kidney sickness, apathy, depression, sadness, nervous irritability.


Lead is known to be in gasoline, paints, ceramic glazes, wine, jewelry, dental root fillings, refinished furniture, hair color, shampoo/conditioners, tattoos contaminated water, cigarette smoke and much more.

This one metal can cause fatigue, anemia, abdominal pain, gastro-intestinal changes, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety sadness, forgetfulness, insomnia and weight loss. Also included are chronic renal failure, gout, joint pain, impotence, loss of libido and more.

Arsenic Acid

Arsenic toxicity can be passed on from cigarette smoke, Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides. Around the house we get arsenic from beer, table salt, children’s toys, calcium supplements from sea shells and paints. Symptoms include kidney failure, garlic odor on breath , diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, excessive salivation, headaches, fatigue vertigo, mental impairment, forgetful, apathy, dementia, anorexia.


Aluminum can come from hazardous waste sites, construction, manufacturing, petrochemical and paper industries, explosives, cigarette smoke.

Aluminum also comes from food coloring agents, canned foods and beverages, processed cheese and cakes, soy-based infant formulas, deodorants, antiperspirants, cosmetics, toothpastes, pots and pans, cooking utensils, astringents, aluminum foil, water treated with aluminum salts, tattoos,

In medicines we find aluminum in antacids, buffered aspirins, IV fluids, implanted titanium medical devices, vaccines, topical acne medicines and orthodontics.


Cadmium comes from cigarette smoke, phosphate fertilizers, fossil fuel combustion, cement production, incineration of municipal waste. Cadmium is a by-product from zinc, lead, or copper ore smelting. Cadmium also comes from battery manufacturing and plastic manufacturing.

Around the house, cadmium comes from contaminated vegetables, cosmetic pigments, Teflon in cooking pans, children’s toys, paints, NiCad batteries, food (fish, shellfish, liver and kidney meats). Cadmium is also from dental restorations, amalgams and dental root fillings.


Environmentally and occupationally we find Copper in Fertilizers, Pesticides, animal feedlots, food processing waster, lakes and rivers treated for algae control, soils near smelting plants, copper mines, and cigarette smoke.

Around the house it comes from water in corroded pipes, wine, septic systems, electronic devices, coins, copper cookware, jewelry, electrical wiring, cosmetics (such as lipstick, eye shadows, hair color, shampoo, conditioners and moisturizers), and tattoos.


Environmentally we get this from car exhaust, working in spinning and weaving meals, oil refining, making polyester and photography.

In our own homes we receive Palladium from water treatment, razors and electric shavers, “white gold” jewelry, watches and coins.

Medically we get Palladium from dental crowns, bridges and root pins. Also from surgical instruments, cancer treatment therapies and eye wear.


Environmentally we are exposed to nickel from cigarette smoke, mining, milling, and other manufacturing.

Around the house we get nickel from nuts, beans, chocolate and oats. We also are exposed to nickel from wine, jewelry, buttons/zippers, coins, clothing embellishments, color pigments, stainless steel cutlery/appliances. Also from razors, cookware, batteries, lipsticks, handbags/purses, hair color, tattoos, shampoos and conditioners.

Medically we get nickel from eyewear, dental restorations, prostheses (hip, knww, cochlear, cardiac implants), orthodontics, stainless steel medical equipment (X-ray machines) and implanted medical devices.


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