Benefits of Organic Brown Seaweed


Video Transcript:

"Hi, I’m Dr. Gail Marasse and I’m very excited to introduce you to the benefits of organic brown seaweed. Brown seaweed is part of a family of organic food supplements. It’s a very powerful supplement and it’s been used for thousands of years to help prevent countless types of diseases. It enhances our lives and our beauty. I especially recommend biofilan. This seaweed is also called Laminaria Japonica. This exact seaweed has already proven to be helping. It was used in the trinomial incident and we found that it actually removes heavy metals and radiation from the body. Biofilan contains vital properties. Allergan 8 is one of the things contained in the seaweed. We know that allergen 8 is a very powerful absorbent and that it naturally cleanses the body of environmental pollutants and free radicals. Another ingredient in the seaweed is called laminarin. This is a polysaccharide and it helps maintain a very healthy cardio vascular system and studies have been showing that it actually helps as an anticoagulant and keeps the blood thin in your vessels. Another polysaccharide, which we call fucoidan, is also contained in the seaweed. Fucoidans are a type of polysaccharides that help maintain our immune systems. Biofilam is an immensely powerful and effective product. It’s processed, unlike many other seaweeds on the market. It is processed at a low temperature to make it highly absorbable. The low temperature processing helps retain all its natural elements. We are using the brown seaweed in my practice every day. We are finding it effective in helping with GI problems, lowering cholesterol, also balancing blood sugar, enhancing our nails and our hair, and also in helping to balance the thyroid. Thanks for listening."